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Sport Formula is an innovative multivitamin packed with amino acids, live enzymes, and nutrients that are missing in today’s diets. These nutrients aid turning calories into energy more efficiently, making you feel invigorated and ready for the day. The live enzymes found in Sport Formula help people lose weight, workout longer, think sharper, and perform at their peak potential.
The foods we eat today do not contain the vitamins, amino acids, and (most importantly) live enzymes our body needs to convert stored calories into usable energy. In fact, much of the calories in today’s highly processed and genetically modified foods are useless.  The nutrients in Sport Formula make up for these deficiencies and give your body the tools it needs to work efficiently, boost your energy, and make you feel great.




Sport Formula - Powdered MultiVitamin




Powder vitamins and supplements work more effectively than pills and tablets. It’s as simple as that.


Pills almost never dissolve completely, making it harder for your body to take advantage of its components. Our powder and liquid multivitamins dissolve completely every time, giving you the health benefits you’re looking for.

Our specialized blend of vitamins and nutrients may replace the need for numerous supplements you’re currently taking.

Sport Formula’s powdered supplements also save you money, by giving you more useful vitamins than you’ll find in tablets that just go to waste in your stomach. Physician’s Desk Reference claims that less than a quarter of a pill will be absorbed.

20 essential amino acids for quick recovery after workouts

Digestive enzymes to help your body absorb nutrients

NO artificial sweeteners
NO preservatives

This makes a convenient, on-the-go drink that gives you extra energy, helps with mental focus, and works with your body to help boost your metabolism. Sport Formula is a vitamin that is not only for sports athletes, but for men, women, and children of all ages (even pregnant or nursing women when taken with extra folic acid).

Sport Formula - The Original Powdered Vitamin



Most food, like milk for example, is heat processed (pasteurized) to last longer on the shelf without spoiling. With milk, the farmer will heat it higher than 161 degrees to kill bacteria that might form and make it safe to drink, thus limiting the chances of you getting sick from some live organism that may have been present before the pasteurization process. This same process that makes milk safe also kills all of the good live nutrients along with the bad bacteria, rendering milk to a state that offers little nutritional value if any. You may have noticed, milk is vitamin fortified or vitamin enriched to give milk some type of nutritional value back after the fact.

Sport Formula - Powdered Vitamins - Nutrition


Another example is bread. Back in the old days, bakeries were popular because bread only lasted 2-3 days after it was baked and then it would spoil. So, you had to eat it right away and go back for more. In those days, bread was actually good for the heart! And then they figured out if they remove all of the vitamins and bleach the flower and basically KILL all of the live enzyme function of the ingredients, bread would last for weeks, WONDER BREAD. No kidding, and it came sliced for you, how convenient. But now most bread is bad for you, causing all kinds of havoc inside your digestive track, limiting absorption of other nutrients as well.

Sport Formula - Powdered Vitamins - Live Enzymes


Vegetables are another example. The government has known it for years and published many research articles regarding the depleted soils that U.S. farmers use to grow their crops and the effect it has on the quality of nutrients their crops produce. In the old days, farmers would rotate crops (not grow on an area for a season) every 7th year to allow the soil to replenish itself. It would be tilled up and alfalfa would be grown there to replenish the nitrogen levels (and other aspects) needed to grow healthy plants in the future. The problem is that farming is a cash-yielding business instead of a quality-crop-producing business. Farmers will grow the highest cash yielding crop year after year on the same soil, and guess what, alfalfa doesn’t make as much money as corn so farmers grow corn every single year. Science has made chemically enhanced fertilizer additives to make crops produce higher quantities of larger fruits and vegetables. This means quality is traded for quantity. The same nutritional value found in an average U.S. grown carrot from 100 years or even 50 years ago would have been 10 times more potent than carrots today. Food looks ripe and full of color, but where is the flavor, or the nutrition? It is spread out thin producing higher quantities instead of higher quality that you would hope for or that your body needs. Sad but true.

Sport Formula - Powdered Vitamin - Better Than Food


  • Ricky Mendoza
    There is no doubt that Sport Formula is 100% the best vitamin that I have ever taken. It enhances my entire body and makes me feel better. When training Ju-Jitsu, I really feel the difference. Sport Formula is my Favorite supplement. It definitely burns fat and builds muscles quicker than any other supplement. I recommend it to all of my clients and they love the results. Finally, we have something that works.”
    Ricky Mendoza
    Age 29 | Certified nutritionist / certified personal trainer | Sacramento, CA
  • Dave Mitchell
    Sport formula is by far the best vitamin I have ever taken. It gives me energy without any jittery feeling. I wake up feeling more rested since I started taking Sport Formula. I like the whole powder concept; I can feel it getting into my system and I like it and it tastes good. I definitely think it’s good, I recommend it to my clients all the time. It seems to be good for all ages to.
    Dave Mitchell
    Age 25 | Health and fitness consultant / personal trainer | Long Beach, Ca.
  • Sonya Canta
    Sport Formula is the most effective vitamin I have taken; I mean you feel it fast. It gives me an instant surge of energy without any after effect. I think it tastes good, it makes me feel good and I am going to keep taking it. I recommend it to my clients to enhance their performance and to get great results from their fitness program.
    Sonya Canta
    Age 39 | Personal trainer / figure competitor | Sun Valley, CA
  • Mike Norcia
    I never knew vitamins could make you feel so good! Sport Formula is the only vitamin I take and the only vitamin I recommend to my clients and I have several different types in my store. I get happy customers coming back every month to buy more Sport Formula. They walk straight in to where the Sport Formula is and grab 1 or 2 boxes of packets with a smile. I usually here something like, “I love this stuff” or “I almost ran out!”. Thanks Sport Formula, you make my job easy and you help my clients burn fat, build muscle and feel great better than anything else in my store!
    Mike Norcia
    Age 33 | Supplement Store Owner, Health and Fitness Consultant, NutriShop | Norco, CA
  • Rick Rasmussen
    This is a great supplement. It is one of the best supplements that I have ever taken. I like the way it tastes. I take it under my tongue every morning. I noticed a big difference in energy and strength between my morning workouts, which I took Sport Formula, and my afternoon workouts, when I don’t take Sport Formula. Its good stuff, I get a definite boost of energy from it. I have been taking Sport Formula for 2 and 1/2 years now and I noticed that I sleep better and I just sense an overall feeling of well being. I recommend it to all my clients and to whoever reads this. Thanks.
    Rick Rasmussen
    Age 28 | Personal Trainer | Detroit, MI
  • Nelson Vineyard
    This stuff is the best… i broke down and tried zipfizz at the behest of an uneducated friend of mine. that Crap over time made me BatGuano…i am now more the wiser. im not going to experiment anymore, i am just going to stick with what i know. as for the downturn in the economy, i think it is a good time to reduce your choices to what is effective and what isnt . for me, sport formula and udos choice oil are the bedrock pillars of my nutrition profile.i feel unstoppable when i am on them both. thank you for such a superior product…..
    Nelson Vineyard
    Message found on order form | Las Vegas NV
  • Elaine Voss
    Sport Formula is the all time best supplement that I have taken, and I have tried several. I recommend it to all my clients because it works and they come back to buy more because they like the way they feel. If you try it, you will notice the differences. I take it every day.
    Elaine Voss
    Age 39 | Health and Fitness, sales and consulting | La Habra, CA
  • Dustin Hodges
    I know that Sport Formula is the best vitamin! You can feel it give you a huge boost of energy for your workout. And it makes your workout go longer with it. You never feel crashed after. I also feel good when I take it and I never felt that with my old pill vitamin. It seemed like my pill vitamin just changed the color of my pea. I can take Sport Formula on an empty stomach and it feels fine and I feel better than before I took it. It gives you a good feeling, like walking outside into the warm weather after a movie and the movie was freezing cold.
    Dustin Hodges
    Age 24 | Work out enthusiast | Old Hickory, TN

Sport Formula isn’t just for athletes.

Sport Formula is FRESH, RAW, COLD-PROCESSED earth-grown nutrition.

Try Sport Formula today and feel the difference it can make in your life.